Idle Apps
Idle Apps, formerly known as, is a mobile developer specializing in the design and development of games and application software for the iPhone and iPod Touch.  We are striving to create high-quality, entertaining, thought provoking games to play on the go. 

Marble Rush
Our newest game to the iTunes store, Marble Rush, is an addictive, fun, challenging solitaire puzzle game that will work your brain in ways it has never worked before!

The object of the game is simple: leave one marble remaining on the red space before time runs out. The same concept as the classic peg solitaire game except with a twist, you have to beat the clock and rush to get the level completed. Easy to play, hard to master!

Lose Your Marbles
Our first game released for the iPhone and iPod Touch is Lose Your Marbles which has now sold in over 25 different countries around the world!

Lose Your Marbles is a solitaire marble game based on the peg solitaire game from the late 1600's. Played by one player as the name suggests, you lose your marbles one after the other by jumping over a marble to any empty board position. The object of the game is to leave just one lone marble remaining at the goal position on the board. The goal position is shown on the "How To Play" screen associated with each board. The game ends when no legal move remains. With four different boards, the challenge never ends.

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